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Over the past two years I've focused my energy on faces, capturing personalities and helping people find confidence and their position in front of the camera. Lately my services are headshot and personal branding photography, but I'm also passionate about editorial portrait and fashion photography.


Since 2017 I've worked on a number of projects from portrait and fashion campaigns, stock photography, editorials articles for magazines and marketing campaigns e-commerce corporations. My passion comes from street photography, which can be seen in some of my commercial work.  


Born and raised in the UK, but currently located in downtown Toronto. I've been lucky enough to meet some amazing people, and join a growing community of talented creatives in this city but would be excited to travel for the right project. 

This short documentary style video was created as a proof of concept for future productions produced for the new Pastiche Magazine. This is the first in a series of videos following visual artists as they share their processes and inspirations in their artwork. 

When I first tried photography, it changed everything for me. I discovered a creative side I never knew existed, and I was hooked. Since then, my primary focus has always been creating something visual. 

In 2021, I launched Pastiche Magazine as a means to celebrate the passion that drives our creative process. As social media can hinder our creativity with the fear that originality has been lost, Pastiche was created to celebrate our ideas and appreciate their creative origin.

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